TuYV_typical autumn leaf discoloration caused by TuYV_Source_Limagrain

TUYV (Turnip Yellows Virus)

TuYV remains an ever-present threat to OSR growers in the UK

In severe cases it can be responsible for a 30% reduction in yield. 

With Aphids showing increasingly widespread resistance to insecticides, TuYV should be at the centre of your IPM strategy.

Traits_TuYV in plot

How the virus spreads

TuYV resistance prevents the virus, transmitted by Myzus Persicae (Peach Potato Aphid), from multiplying throughout the plant after initial infection. 

Infection can occur in both Autumn and Spring. Symptoms are unseen until it's too late and can easily be misdiagnosed as stress or deficiency.

Maeve OSR Crossing

TuYV resistance

Initially introduced from stubble turnips using a conventional crossing method and first made commercially available by Limagrain in our 2015 variety, Amalie. 

TuYV resistance is now a staple inclusion for our European and UK breeding programmes.

Aphid monitoring is available through the Rothamsted website, and local suction trap data is available to monitor your local aphid pressures. 

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