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Plant breeders and suppliers of superior seed varieties for farmers, growers and the food and amenity industries.

LG is a brand of Limagrain; the UK’s leading plant breeder and seed producer, introducing varieties and seeds with improved performance for crops from wheat and barley to maize, from forage crops to forage grasses and ley mixtures, and from sugar beet and oilseed crops to vining peas and pulses.

Key Brands

Colour Splash ›
Our amenity flower mixtures brighten up any area and provide pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and other pollinators
Equipaddock ›
Comprehensive portfolio of quality equestrian grass mixtures tailor-made for horses and ponies
Hibird ›
The Hibird brand offers crops for Conservation, Game & Wildlife Management including winter holding, brood rearing and game drives
The LG Animal Nutrition brand denotes varieties with the genetic potential to deliver superior nutritional value, whilst maintaining excellent agronomic qualities & yield
LG Monarch ›
A cut and a bite above the rest, LG Monarch grass mixtures offer the best balance of performance and value available
Nickerson ›
A brand of Limagrain, supplying quality seed direct from breeder to farmer, including Original cereals and Circle Leys grass mixtures
LG Sinclair McGill ›
The longstanding LG Sinclair McGill brand offers grass mixtures for dairy, beef or sheep, AD and arable break crops

OTHER Key Brands

We are proud to work with and represent the below brands in the UK.
Betaseed ›
Limagrain are proud to represent Betaseed in the UK, offering varieties with genetic diversity for a successful sugar beet harvest
Designer ›
The Designer amenity grass range is one of the leading brands in the UK turf industry