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A full range of proven grass seed mixtures and extensive choice of market-leading forage and fodder varieties

Agricultural Grass

Learn more about our high-performance brands; Sinclair McGill, LG Monarch, and Equipaddock grass seed mixtures

Bounce Back Brassica

Discover the regrowth potential of Bounce Back Brassicas

Fodder Beet

View our new and proven fodder beet varieties

Forage Rape

See our forage rape options offering growers a fast-growing leafy catch crop


View our range of high yielding kale varieties

Other Forage Crops

Explore alternative forage options including chicory, rye and lucerne

Stubble Turnips

A range of stubble turnip varieties to suit all requirements


We have forage and culinary swedes, take a look
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Top grass varieties are selected for our mixtures through a rigorous UK trials programme managed by Richard Camplin based in Lincolnshire. Our plant breeding programme is currently developing new varieties of forage rape, fodder beet, kale and swedes specifically adapted for the UK climate and markets.