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Your trusted seed
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changing world

Our Vision:

A Future Where
Farmers Thrive

Our vision is a future where farmers thrive, with access to high quality seed products, expert knowledge and technical innovation to meet the challenges of a changing world and the needs of a growing global population.

A complete range of high-performing seed varieties, backed by comprehensive knowledge and the global experience of a partner you can trust.

We supply a complete range of seeds across every season including some of the world’s top performing varieties.

Our range is the result of a robust breeding programme, active partnerships with our growers, in-house knowledge built through experience across the globe and a superior understanding of plant genetics. Together these result in a range which tops league tables year after year, providing a complete, consistent and reliable solution for you.

Set up in 1965 and still run by farmers, at heart we’re growers like you. That means we don’t just understand seeds, we understand farming and we understand you.

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In an industry facing a continually changing landscape we stand out as offering reliability, stability and innovation.

Through our ability to understand and partner with farmers we inspire in them the confidence to grow for the future.

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New Varieties,

New Benefits 

to growers

The new varieties that the company introduces every year from its breeding and research programmes offer benefits to farmers and growers: increased yield, stronger agronomic characteristics, and better disease resistance. End users benefit from added value, improved quality, productivity and processability.