Our Experience

Why should you choose Limagrain?

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A global heritage
in farming

Started by a group of farmers in 1965, our origins are in farming and we have grown to be one of the world’s biggest seed producers.

With the backing of a global organisation, we can provide the assurance of a long-term partner who understands the ups and downs of the farming industry.

And with our strong roots in the sector, you can be assured that we speak your language.


We produce high quality seeds that are reliable and deliver consistent results - evidenced by almost 8m hectares of LG crops sown across Europe.

This is the result of years of experience and a clear understanding of plant genetics enabling us to create products which top the league tables year after year.

Natural Innovation

Our extensive trials, expertise in plant genetics and scientific research enable us to create products that address both current and future needs.

These programmes and our global experience help us create varieties fit for the new world of farming, reducing your overall inputs, costs and environmental impact.

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We provide the full-cycle of crop coverage.

Our crop coverage is second to none, providing all the varieties that you need across the season.

And all of them come with the support of our experienced team who can provide honest, expert advice that you can trust.

Matt Shand and Farmer in barley crop

Your trusted seed partner in a changing world

Our most important industry faces unprecedented challenges. But these are challenges that together we can overcome.

Our knowledge, global experience and commitment to continuous innovation, shown through our extensive breeding programme, means that we are consistently producing high-quality, reliable seeds fit for the future.

And as a company with a long heritage and farming in its DNA we are uniquely placed to understand your challenges and provide you with the right products and the best advice. Whatever the future brings we are committed to helping you succeed.

Put together, this makes Limagrain your trusted seed partner in a changing world.