We have the resources needed to continue to supply new and innovative varieties.

>16% of seed sales
Invested in research. More than the pharmaceutical or auto industry!
Varieties distributed each year, including about 300 new varieties
Of employees work in research
Research centres globally
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We have the resources needed to continue to supply new and innovative varieties.

Our ambition is to be the most trusted seed partner in the UK, supporting farmers with the innovation, quality and consistency they need to meet the challenges of a changing world.

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We Never Stand Still

Because the world keeps moving, we never stand still.

We continually innovate, cultivating new ideas, anticipating and responding to emerging global challenges and bringing improved varieties to market that keep pace with the ever changing needs of the marketplace, natural environment and evolving policy.

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Strong Partnerships

Using our unique understanding of farming to build strong partnerships which create thriving, sustainable farms

Through a commitment to the quality of seeds, quality of science and quality of customer support, we will help farmers produce crops that are reliable, consistent and high-quality. 

 Our heritage in farming, which runs through our DNA, gives us a unique understanding of what it means for you to be successful; not just as a producer, but as the primary custodian of our landscape, enabling us to work together side by side. 

And as the future becomes more uncertain, our energies are focused on finding comprehensive new solutions, using knowledge gained across the globe to innovate with purpose and tackle the great challenges of global warming, shifting regulation and changing marketplace demands. 

 We’re focused on helping the UK’s farmers, their communities and our world.