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LG is a brand of Limagrain UK; the UK operating company of the Field Seeds Division of Group Limagrain, the fourth largest seed company in the world.

Located in 57 countries, Limagrain has more than 9,000 employees altogether, with a multitude of nationalities and cultures. With its wealth of different profiles and professions, the Group approaches human resources with a culture of sharing that has its origins in the world of agriculture.

LG offer a wide variety of challenging roles across a broad range of areas. We are currently recruiting candidates for the following listed vacancies.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join Limagrain UK Ltd. Further career opportunities with Limagrain UK Ltd are added regularly, so please check back for details.

Oilseed Rape Field & Purity Specialist - Woolpit
17th May 2024
Sales Manager
15th March 2024
Marketing Director
15th March 2024
Commercial Director
14th March 2024
Technical Assistant – Forage Crops
13th March 2024
Corporate Culture
We’re down to earth

We are honest, straightforward and grounded; people who do what we say. Like the seeds we create, we’re consistent, reliable and we always keep our promises.

We’re a growing family

We’re committed to nurturing each other and our communities. We adopt a can-do attitude to explore new opportunities and get better at what we do.

Like a family, we’re open with each other. We’re going on this journey together with a shared determination to grow our knowledge and our company’s reputation.

We’re reaching for the sky

What we do is the most important thing in the world - keeping the planet fed.

To do that we’re creative, passionate and inventive. We use our skills and knowledge to address new challenges every day.

Ewa Lagowska - Wheat Quality Lab Supervisor
“What I love most in my job is when I gather all the data and find something extraordinary”
Ewa Lagowska – Wheat Quality Laboratory Supervisor
Emma Waterman, Customer Service Assistant
“There’s so many aspects to agriculture – it’s a real learning curve”
Emma Waterman, Customer Service Assistant
Hannah Fussey – Assistant Barley Breeder
“Working in Barley breeding is being part of the future – it’s so dynamic”
Hannah Fussey – Assistant Barley Breeder
Richard Ogden, Seed Production Contractor, Limagrain UK
"I suppose you could say there's nothing better than walking around the field on a frosty morning"
Seed Production Contractor - Richard Ogden
Lisa Renton – Customer Services Supervisor
“I love that my job is very varied day to day”
Lisa Renton – Customer Services Supervisor
Maeve O’Rourke – Junior Oilseed Rape Breeder
“We’re always anticipating the next challenge”
Maeve O’Rourke – Junior Oilseed Rape Breeder
Paul Dean – Warehouse Supervisor
“Every day is productive working in agriculture”
Paul Dean – Warehouse Supervisor
Megan Power - Junior OSR Technician
“I love how every day is different”
Megan Power – Junior OSR Technician
Liz Topping
“A great bunch of people to work with, everybody works together”
Liz Topping – Head of Finance
Seed Quality_Jenny_Lab
"I was amazed at the science behind everything & I was hooked straight away"
Jenny Mussell - Seed Analyst
Rachel Goddard - Limagrain UK
"I really enjoy the different interactions with the different teams within the company"
Rachel Goddard - Cereal Pathologist


In an industry facing a continually changing landscape we stand out as offering reliability, stability and innovation. Through our ability to understand and partner with farmers we inspire in them the confidence to grow for the future.
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