Protein Crops
29th October 2019

Pulse Crop Genetic Improvement Network (PCGIN)

Limagrain has been involved in PCGIN since its creation and has benefited from the excellent research into the genetic improvement of the pulse crop. The next event is on 14th Nov in Grantham and open for registration now…

Limagrain has been involved in PCGIN since its creation and has benefited from the excellent research into the genetic improvement of the pulse crop. In particular, the work on seed quality has helped in colour retention in large blue and marrowfat pea breeding.

The next event is the PCGIN 2019 stakeholder meeting and will be held on 14th November in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

This industry-led stakeholder meeting will present perspective talks on future market opportunities and relevant international developments, within the context of the latest developments in genetic research on UK pulse crops (PCGIN 2018-2023). There will be time for interactions over lunch.

We are very grateful to Agrii and Limagrain for their sponsorship of this meeting.


10:30 Arrival, tea & coffee
Welcome & introductions (Peter Smith, Agrii; Will Pillinger, Limagrain)
Chair: Peter Smith, Agrii

11:00 PCGIN: overview & highlights 2019 (Claire Domoney, JIC; Donal O’Sullivan, Reading; Jane Thomas, NIAB)

11:20 Overview of industry-academic exchanges – Marketplace of Ideas (Donal O’Sullivan, Reading)

11:25 The industry perspective, 2019 (12 minutes each speaker)

• Andy Bury, Frontier: Challenges for trading UK pulse crops

• Paul Sheldrake, Healy Group: Rising opportunities for vegetable proteins and UK pulses – Technical & Nutritional Challenges

• Nick Saltmarsh, Hodmedods: Opportunities for existing and novel legume crops in the UK

• Chris Harrison, Novofarina: Food product development and genetic targets in pea.

• The role of Pulses UK

12:45 LUNCH with poster* viewing
Chair: Will Pillinger, Limagrain

13:40 Flash presentations from junior scientists (5 minutes each speaker)

Tom Reynolds, NIAB: Evidence for sexual reproduction of the faba bean pathogen
B. fabae in the UK

Gabriel Robinson, JIC: A nutritional review of UK pulses

Vicky Tagkouli, UoR: Selection schemes for small-scale faba bean breeding
Jake Moscrop, NIAB/UoCam: Enhancing pollination in the field bean, Vicia faba

Ahmed Warsame, UoR: Identifying and quantifying the most important faba bean seed proteins

14:15 Legume crops and international activities (Pete Iannetta, The James
Hutton Institute)

Curation of legume crop germplasm (Noam Chayut, JIC)

14:40 Perspectives & open discussion on priorities (growers, NFU, Defra,
industry & scientists)

15:00 Wrap up & depart

*Poster presentations:

• Genotyping tools for faba bean (Deepti Angra, Reading)

• Towards saturation mutagenesis in faba bean (Tom Harvie, Deepti Angra,

• Improved management of viruses (Becky Howard, PGRO; FERA)

• Exploring soybean germplasm (Tony Miller, JIC)

• Nitrate sensors and uptake of nitrate by crops (Tony Miller, JIC)

• Favuleux – developing faba beans as a sustainable source of high-quality
protein for food through optimised genetics, farming and processing (Thomas Wood, NIAB)

• Identification of a QTL conferring partial resistance to downy mildew on faba bean, Vicia faba (Anne Webb, Krystyna Gostkiewicz, Jane Thomas and Thomas Wood, NIAB)



Belton Woods Hotel
NG32 2LN

Tel. 020 3027 6614

Thursday, 14th November 2019 (11:00 – 15:00)

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