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5th February 2020

Continued investment in Pulses sees two exciting additions to the 2020/21 PGRO Recommended List

LG-Aviator-large-blue-pea- variety

Large blue pea LG Aviator and spring bean LG Raptor move from Recommended List trials to a P1 rating.

The large blue pea LG Aviator joins the Recommended List with a yield of 99% over control; higher yielding than market stalwart, Prophet.

LG Aviator has excellent tolerance to downy mildew, with a rating of 7, and is resistant to powdery mildew. It’s early and has good ratings for standing ability and straw length (rated 6) – making it one of the best agronomic packages of any other provisionally rated varieties.

LG Raptor joins the 2020/21 Recommended List as one of the highest yielding spring bean P1 varieties. Its consistently high yields have played out over the last two years of Recommended List trials, yielding 107% of controls in 2019 and 100% of controls for this years’ listing, and it is expected to perform as well or better next year.

LG Raptor is one of the earliest maturing varieties on the RL. This, its short straw and excellent standing power makes LG Raptor one of the best agronomic packages of any spring bean on the market.



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