Robbos is our bestselling fodder beet variety.

It performs consistently year on year and is popular with growers.

Robbos has really good yields and is flexible in its usage, being suitable for grazing or lifting.

Download our latest UK Fodder Beet Trial Results to see how well Fosyma performs in trial.

Download UK Fodder Beet Trial Results

Fodder Beet UK Trials Data

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Watch our short video to learn more about why Robbos is our best selling fodder beet

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Fodder Beet Opportunities & Benefits

Watch our video to discover some of the opportunities and benefits that fodder beet offers to livestock and mixed arable farmers.

Fodder Beet Benefits include;

High energy feed crop
80-100 tonnes fresh yield
New varieties bringing varietal improvements
Excellent disease resistance
Winter hardiness

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What Growers Say

“We've opted for Robbos for the past few years, and I'm pleased with it. It offers a high dry matter and feed value. And the smooth skin, and the fact that it's not too deep rooted, means it lifts out clean and easily, making it easier to wash” - Roger James, dairy farmer, Pembrokeshire

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