Traits_OSR Breeding Crossing



Limagrain are Europe’s and the UK’s market leading Oilseed breeder, producing both conventional and hybrid varieties.

Limagrain’s UK based Oilseed breeding team have, in recent years achieved domination over the AHDB recommended list, with our highly regarded commercial OSR portfolio. Varieties such as Aurelia have quickly become synonymous with success amongst growers, whilst anticipation around newer varieties grows year on year.


Pod Shatter ›
LG is continually monitoring the efficacy of our pod shatter resistance against other commercial varieties
RLM7 ›
RLM7 is gene-specific resistance to phoma stem canker.
Clearfield® ›
Clearfield® OSR varieties are intended to be used in conjunction with BASF post emergence herbicides Cleravo and Cleranda.
NUE (N-Flex) ›
Varieties shown to have a greater flexibility around Nitrogen application, through extensive trialling
Clubroot ›
Clubroot is a soilborne fungal disease which can affect all brassica crops.
Stem Health ›
LG has long established stem health screening platforms across the UK & Europe, allowing us to select against the most prevalent stem based diseases