12th September 2022

NSA Sheep Event visitors invited to bring a bag of fresh grass for free quality test

Limagrain is inviting farmers to bring fresh grass samples to their stand at NSA Welsh Sheep (May 21st), NSA North Sheep (June 5th) and NSA South West Sheep (June 18th) for a free ‘on the spot’ analysis.


Limagrain, suppliers of Sinclair McGill and Monarch grass seed mixtures, will test fresh grass samples using its NIRS mobile testing machine and provide an immediate nutritional analysis of the crop.

Any grower bringing a sample for testing will be able to find out the key nutritional attributes of their grass such as metabolizable energy, sugar, and digestible fibre content and will also be entered in a free prize draw to win 10 acres of grass seed.

“We are drawing attention to the importance of high-quality grass seed mixtures,” says Limagrain seed specialist John Spence. “We also want to emphasise the importance of considering the nutritional qualities of the seed mixture, as well as its agronomic values.”

“The aim is to grow high energy grass,” adds Mr. Spence. “Trials have shown that proven mixtures can provide additional energy that results in improved weight gains and higher digestibility. These mixtures support improved lamb birth and weaning weights and daily live-weight gains in lambs.”

Watch a sample of grass being tested on the video below: Visit our Youtube channel and get notified when new content is uploaded

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