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20th April 2020

New Seed Treatment Gets Brassicas off to a Flying Start

Limagrain has introduced a new seed treatment for brassicas that promotes early growth and even establishment. Rich in soluble nutrients and bio-active compounds Start-uP, which is manufactured by British-based company Ilex Envirosciences, can achieve increased vigour and early rooting in brassica crops.

Startup seed treatmentIt includes phosphite, the highly mobile form of phosphorus that can be transported through the plant much faster than conventional fertiliser phosphate. It also contains a package of essential amino acids and natural compounds from seaweed that are readily taken up by the young roots.

Limagrain has trialled Start-uP on forage rape and kale hybrid brassicas and stubble turnip crops at its site in Lincolnshire during six weeks in spring 2019.

“We found an increase in leaf length of 9.8%, and 28.6% on root length, on crops grown from seed treated with Start-uP compared with the control,” says Limagrain’s forage crop director Martin Titley. “And, in the six-week period, root mass was 5.9% more in the Start-uP treated crop, indicating that this seed treatment offered crops a significant growth advantage in the early stages.”

Forage rape, kale, stubble turnips and brassica hybrids are sown between May and August and provide a high feed value forage for cattle and sheep in just 12 to 14 weeks.

“Treating seed with Start-uP gives growers an insurance at the crop’s most vulnerable time,” adds Mr Titley. “This helps to guarantee a high yielding fresh forage with good feed value.”

Brassicas and stubble turnips are increasingly popular as a break crop, sown after first-cut silage as part of the grass ley rotation or after cereal harvest. This flexibility, their low growing costs and their fast growth bring benefits to mixed and livestock farming systems.

“During the past few years many of the effective seed treatments have lost their registration and there are very few alternatives available. Start-uP has proven to be a highly effective option for these crops.” Learn more about Start-Up Seed treatment here.

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