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8th February 2021

New fodder beet ‘in the pink’

The new, high dry matter fodder beet variety Fosyma is available to growers this spring.

Added to the National List in 2020, and marketed by Limagrain UK, this pink-skinned, conical-shaped beet combines a dry matter content of between 20% and 21% with a relatively high proportion of its root (40%) out of the ground, leaving only 60% in the ground.

Fosyma fodder beet“This unique combination makes it one of the best fodder beet options for dairy and beef cattle, as well as for sheep,” says Limagrain’s forage crop manager John Spence. “Fosyma’s medium-depth root reduces the risk of soil contamination and offers flexible feeding options. It can either be harvested, with leaf or root lifting equipment, or grazed in situ.”

High dry matter fodder beets are usually associated with deep rooted varieties. Among the 16 varieties tested annually in Limagrain’s field trials, Fosyma’s dry matter content puts it in the top 25%.

“It is also rhizomania tolerant and resistant to powdery mildew, rust and leafspot, as well as having a high tolerance to bolting,” adds Mr Spence. “Fodder beet as a crop is typically highly reliable, but these advantages will further promote its consistency as a feed.”

Limagrain is offering Fosyma fodder beet in units of 50,000 seeds, recommended for 0.5 hectares. The seed is pelleted and treated with fungicides and insecticides to offer protection across a wide range of pests and diseases.

More details are available here

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