Sugar Beet
20th June 2023

Delivering success in sugar beet

Jim Scarratt - BTS 1915 sugar beet drilling
The Limagrain UK portfolio of Betaseed varieties are proven to deliver successful performance, in trials and more importantly, on-farm.

Even in the recent erratic, testing seasons of drought and virus, BTS varieties have shown consistently high performance – delivering growers security in genetics.

As you will see from the enclosed BBRO Sugar Beet Recommended List for 2024, Betaseed varieties offer genetic diversity for a successful harvest;

BTS 1915 – continues to be the highest yielding variety in both treated and untreated trials, showing a resilience better than any other RL sugar beet variety.

BTS SMART 9485 – the first ALS herbicide tolerance variety from Betaseed, offering the highest yield potential for SMART CONVISO varieties, combined with improved disease and bolting resistance.

BTS 3020 – is an outstanding variety for the earlier and normal drilling situation with the lowest ESB figures available. It offers good yield combined with the highest sugar content and excellent disease resistance.

BTS 3610 – is one of only a few varieties that have achieved a NSB count of 0 over the 3-year data set – critical if bolting is a key consideration on your farm and offering robustness for earlier drilling.


Betaseed’s unique seed treatment Ultipro is designed to help sugar beet growers maximise their yields and profitability by improving the health and performance of their crops. By protecting the seed and promoting early plant development, Ultipro can help growers establish a strong, healthy stand of sugar beets that can withstand environmental stresses and produce a high-quality crop. Ultipro has been independently tested for 3 years and is approved for use in the UK. It is available on the varieties; BTS SMART 9485 and BTS 1915.

The Limagrain UK portfolio of Betaseed varieties continues to offer a diverse range of varieties for individual growers’ consideration on the new RL 2024.

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