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6th May 2023

Delivering success for growers

The Limagrain UK portfolio of Betaseed varieties continues to offer a diverse range of varieties for individual growers consideration on the new RL 2024.

Betaseed varieties are proven both in trials and more importantly, with consistent on farm performance and are now a recognised force in the UK sugar beet cropping sector.

Betaseed varieties have shown a consistency of performance over very erratic, testing seasons of drought and virus – delivering growers security in genetics.

On top of the unique varieties of Betaseed, we support your success with our newly approved proprietary seed treatment technology Ultipro. Ultipro has been independently tested for 3 years in comparison with the UK market standard. The portfolio offers a range of varieties suitable for the key demands of the individual farmers requirements – yield / sugar % / disease resistance / bolting tolerance and now ALS herbicide resistance. Betaseed´s Ultipro seed technology is available in all major sugar beet growing areas, securing productive sugar beet growing.

Betaseed’s unique Seed Treatment Ultipro is designed to help sugar beet growers maximise their yields and profitability by improving the health and performance of their crops. By protecting the seed and promoting early plant development, Ultipro can help growers establish a strong, healthy stand of sugar beets that can withstand environmental stresses and produce a high-quality crop.

Security in genetics

The graph below shows the yield as adjusted tonnes against rust ratings.

It shows that along with yield, Betaseed varieties deliver some of the best rust resistance available. The level of rust resistance is important in a variety especially for growers looking to minimise fungicide input, when a late lifting philosophy is adopted on farm to maximise full yield potential.

This attribute of good rust resistance combined with additional disease resistance for Powdery Mildew and Cercospora, high sugar content and bolting figures at both ESB and NSB will determine both variety drilling date and also lifting date, in many situations. Security in genetics is now a more recognised characteristic than just high yield for most arable crop production systems across the UK.


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