26th January 2022

Update the Maize Manager App and unlock energy with LGAN!

Whether you’re growing maize for high milk yields from your dairy herd, or exceptional performance from an anaerobic digester, you need the same thing – a high yield of a high energy variety. Look no further than LGAN varieties.

Check out the new LGAN section in the app!

LGAN varieties are bred to unleash the 50% of energy which is stored in the vegetative parts of the maize plant. By being bred for higher cell wall digestibility (CWD), this energy is more readily accessible than in other varieties.

Combining higher CWD with high starch content is the recipe for better quality, more productive crops.

Independent trials show that LGAN varieties produce higher intakes of more digestible feeds leading to:

 Increased milk yields
• Higher liveweight gains
• Increased gas output

All this means more money from forage and lower purchased feed costs.

Watch our brand-new video below which explains how LGAN varieties can boost energy yield from your crop.

Then download the LG Maize Manager app to identify the LGAN variety that gives you the most profitable performance.


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Tim Richmond
Tim Richmond
Maize Product Manager

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Tim Richmond Maize Product Manager Limagrain UK

Tim Richmond

Maize Product Manager

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