5th March 2021

Trials confirm LG Antigua offers valuable N-Flex trait

George Hunter Limagrain UK OSR scoring

Very high yielding hybrid oilseed rape LG Antigua is confirmed to offer the N-Flex trait. This makes LG Antigua a four-trait loaded variety encompassing TuYV, pod shatter and RLM7 resistance and now N-Flex.

Varieties with the N-Flex trait have the ability to use nitrogen more efficiently. In the field, this means that varieties with the N Flex trait are better able to withstand delayed or sub-optimal nitrogen applications.

This exciting discovery comes as a result of extensive trials over the last few seasons in Europe, by breeders Limagrain, testing LG Antigua’s performance in optimal and sub-optimal nitrogen conditions.

“Essentially the N-Flex trait means that hybrids containing the trait use each unit of available N more efficiently than those which don’t,” says Will Charlton, Limagrain UK’s arable marketing manager.

“In the field, this translates into varieties with the N-Flex trait producing more stable yields year to year, with less in-field yield variability.”

The addition of the N-Flex trait illustrates Limagrain’s approach to producing hybrid oilseed rape’s that are trait-loaded.

High yielding varieties Ambassador and LG Aviron were the first 4-trait loaded varieties, offering genetic resistance to TuYV , pod shatter, RLM7 and the N-Flex trait. LG Antigua now joins this prestigious line-up.

“We are carrying out further work in farmer split field trials for the 2020-21 cropping year to evaluate how N-Flex aids spring nitrogen management and secures yields,” adds Will.

LG Hybrid Varieties. Data from 2021 AHDB Recommended List

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