12th September 2022

The perfect inbetweener

Drilled on October 20, 2016, this forage rye crop sat between two consecutive maize crops. It provided good ground cover and avoided leaving the land fallow over winter. It has also made a valuable addition to 2017/18 forage supplies for the farm’s beef suckler herd. “It’s a win-win,” says farmer and contractor Robert Moore. “It reduced nutrient loss from the maize ground and it boosted our homegrown feed supply for the dry cows.”

Limagrain’s Humbolt forage rye is winter hardy and gives dry matter yields around six tonnes per hectare with an ME of 10 and crude protein of 12%. With growing costs among the lowest of all forage crops, at £339/ha, this is a highly cost-effective catch crop, and especially between maize crops or as part of a grass and arable rotation.

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