12th September 2022

Spring cropping clinic on offer from limagrain at croptec

At Croptec this year Limagrain will be running a spring cropping clinic to focus on these very issues; breeders and technical experts will be on hand throughout the two days to discuss the pros and cons of different cropping options for your farm and how to best manage these crops.

“As breeders we are always aiming to introduce new varieties each year that offer benefits to growers; increased yield, stronger agronomic characteristics and better disease resistance – and we have a wide range of spring crops to offer growers that suit a wide range of situations.”

“We also have to meet the needs of the end users when developing these new varieties to ensure that they have secure marketing options through improved quality, productivity, processability and added value,” says Lee Robinson, managing director of Limagrain.

“For example, Limagrain has a range of varieties that meet the requirement of the new CAP cropping proposals such as forage mixtures and maize for bio-digesters, as well as the more traditional spring crops such as spring barley and spring wheat that can be drilled late autumn if required.

“Where growers have left fields fallow or are using spring cropping as part of their black-grass control strategy, we are able to offer advice on varieties that will fit the later drilled autumn or spring sowing slot – be these cereals, pulses or maize, offer the best advice on these and how to manage them,” adds Ron Granger, arable technical manager with Limagrain.

With increasing interest in field margins the Limagrain forage team will also be available at the clinic to talk through any questions on choosing and growing varieties for these areas.

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