12th September 2022

Spring barley offers a premium opportunity

Farmers with land available for spring sown arable crops obviously have a number of alternatives to consider before making a final decision on their cropping plans for 2012.

Clearly, one of the key options is spring barley – a crop which when grown well, has an attractive yield potential, coupled with lower growing costs than those associated with a typical winter sown barley. There is also the valuable opportunity of boosting financial returns still further by opting to grow a spring barley crop for seed production. Nick Rodgers, Field Contract Manager with Limagrain UK, says, “Currently, we are able to offer seed production contracts for several leading spring barley varieties and these will all attract an appropriate premium to reflect the additional level of care and attention to detail which is required.”

He points out that seed growers play an extremely important role within the arable sector of the market: “A dedicated team of cereal seed growers is vital for UK agriculture as they multiply up the seed which, after processing, is then released for C1 or C2 production. Apart from having the satisfaction of delivering a high quality crop, membership of this select group can also provide an opportunity to evaluate the newest varieties prior to their full commercialisation.”Mr Rodgers stresses that the relationship between the grower and the seed breeding company is very much a partnership. “We endeavour to build up long term relationships with our growers which ensures continuity of supply and a sound awareness of what both parties need to secure from the partnership.

“Those farmers willing to put in the extra effort can reap a welcome premium and have the satisfaction of being at the hub of a professional team which is dedicated to ensuring that all cereal growers in the UK have access to high quality varieties this year and in the future.”

If you have land available this spring and would like to consider growing a crop of spring barley for seed then contact Nick Rodgers either by telephone on 01472 370107(direct line) or via e-mail using the following address: nick.rodgers@limagrain.co.uk

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