12th September 2022

Perfect time to sow Conservation seed mixtures

Introducing conservation seed mixtures onto your farm brings many benefits, as well as providing an excellent source of nectar for bees and butterflies, or winter food for farmland birds.


Countryside stewardship


These crops can be gown within the Countryside Stewardship scheme, or if this doesn’t suit, you can still establish a network of small areas that will contribute to your farm’s diversity.

We have been undertaking some trials at our LG Innovation Site, to evaluate how different crop species grow compatibly together (or not!) and this work will help us formulate improved seed mixtures for the future.

Initial results show that some species can dominate a seed mixture, and therefore a good knowledge of seed numbers and proportions will help maximise crop output and ultimately wildlife benefits.

We have also produced a wall chart, which gives you a view of which seed mixtures are suitable for each Countryside Stewardship option. Email us: enquiries@limagrain.co.uk and receive your free copy.


Our range of seed mixtures and Countryside Stewardship options include:




Learn more about Conservation Crops – download your free brochure: lgseeds.co.uk/hibird

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