5th November 2020

Over £300/ha – The extra feed cost penalty of poor maize variety choice

LG Maize Manager App

With the top maize variety producing sufficient high-quality forage to produce £774/ha more milk than the average, and the poorest variety producing a return of £600/ha less milk produced than average, it really does pay to make the right variety choice.

You need to choose a variety which:

  • Matures at the optimum time for your farm to ensure you can harvest in good conditions avoiding the risk of a late harvest and ensuring maize can be included in the diet soon
  • Combines high dry matter yields with excellent starch content and high cell wall digestibility to maximise feed energy values and the milk production potential of your crop
  • Allows high intakes of quality forage to cut feed bills

With so many factors to consider, how do you make sure you choose the right variety to optimise return on investment on your farm?

By downloading the LG Maize Manager app, you can make it easy to make the best decision for your farm.

Drawing from extensive UK trials data, the Feed Manager section lets you compare individual varieties for their energy output and milk production potential.

Choosing the best variety over an average option could save over £300/ha in purchased feed costs.

Download the app and see the savings you could be making!





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