12th September 2022

Organic grass and clover mixtures 2013

If you are involved in the production of organic meat or milk then there is a new technical leaflet which you need to keep on file to help ensure that you are making the most of home-grown feed.

‘Organic Grassland 2013’ lists all 5 of the mixtures in our organic range as well as outlining the strengths of several individual grass and clover varieties which are available.

Close inspection of the range reveals that the formulation of these mixtures has been undertaken with great care and attention. The choice of species and varieties obviously reflects the way the individual mixtures will be used on farm. So, for example, our ‘Fertility Builder’ contains a blend of red clovers (Red Admiral) along with Italian and hybrid ryegrasses. This makes it ideal if you are looking for a protein rich cutting mixture which will deliver excellent yields and as a bonus it will contribute to the build-up of fertility in your fields.

Our ‘Grazing’ mixture contains both intermediate and late perennial ryegrasses and our choice of varieties means that it will generate a high quality and very palatable level of herbage production. It is also worth noting that this mixture has a very significant addition – a blend of white clover varieties. White clover is a vital constituent in most organic ley mixtures because it offers a number of key benefits – these include an ability to ‘fix’ nitrogen from the atmosphere along with a range of nutritional advantages.

A good quality ley mixture is one of the best investments you can make if you are planning to reduce your reliance of purchased feeds. It is worth stressing that we were one of the very first seed companies to introduce grass mixtures designed for the organic market and, and as a result our organic range has a performance proven track record on farms throughout the country.

You can view this new leaflet by clicking on the picture caption on this page, alternatively you can go to the â€œorganic seeds”  tab on the left – this will take you to a new section where the leaflet can be downloaded as a pdf file and saved for future reference.

February 2013

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