12th September 2022

New trial data published in latest forage guide

This includes the latest trial data that compares the performance of the main varieties of forage crops like fodder beet, stubble turnips, swedes, forage rape, kale and lucerne.

“We don’t have any national recommended lists for forage crop varieties, so our trial data comparisons on the main varieties grown in the UK help farmers make informed decisions,” says Limagrain marketing manager Martin Titley. “It gives them free access to agronomic and feed values such as, dry matter yields, digestibility and disease tolerance.”

The Essential Guide to Forage Crops also provides comprehensive growing costs, average yield and feed value for each crop along with suggestions on how to introduce forage crops into your rotation.

Highlights include the new varieties of fodder beet, Brick and Tarine, with dry matter yields that out-perform the control by 17% and 8% respectively, along with data on fast-growing catch crops such as Samson stubble turnips and Interval rape kale hybrid. These catch crops are becoming more popular as they can provide cost-effective autumn and winter feed.

The new publication also highlights crops that can help boost home grown protein with an in-depth look at lucerne and forage peas.

“With the emphasis on increasing home grown feeds in livestock systems, there is real benefit in selecting the most suitable crops and, within each, higher yielding and high feed value varieties,” adds Mr Titley. “The growing costs are the same, so additional yields and feed values are the icing on the cake.”

If you would like a hard copy, please email enquiries@limagrain.co.uk 

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