12th September 2022

New mixtures featured in latest hibird catalogue

The 2012 HiBird catalogue is a vital source of information for gamekeepers and anybody else who is keen to maximise the value of their on-farm shooting facilities. This new 36 page catalogue is arranged in a logical sequence so that you can quickly access the information which you are looking for.

There is very detailed advice on how to grow several key crops – maize, sorghum, kale and millet – and information is provided on the subject of herbicide tolerant mixtures.

In terms of new introductions the herbicide tolerant Jack Russell blend is an interesting option as it is eligible for the Entry Level Scheme (ELS). The mixture contains grain sorghum for structure and winter hardiness as well as spring triticale, a millet blend and sunflower to provide a succession of feed for farmland birds.

Cocker and New Pointer are two other new entries to the comprehensive HiBird range. The former is Butisan tolerant, provides full season cover for two years and offers excellent feed value for pheasants and partridges. New Pointer offers good weed control options, as well as delivering excellent driving cover.

If you would like a hard copy of the HiBird catalogue then email us on hibird@limagrain.co.uk and we will arrange to post it out. Alternatively you can open and download a copy via our website.

February 2012

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