12th September 2022

New maize variety guide simplifies making the best decision

To help farmers focus on the best variety, or combination of varieties, Limagrain has launched The Maize Variety Selection Guide, containing data on all the varieties on the 2016 BSPB/NIAB Lists.

Maize Selection Guide 2016 webtest6-thumbnailThe unique, straightforward guide presents data on all the varieties independently tested by BSPB/NIAB, in a series of easy to understand scatter gram charts which provide an overview of each variety’s merits compared to its peers.

Tables provide information on quality characteristics including cell wall digestibility and starch content, enabling choices to be made to maximise the total feeding quality of maize silage. Vital agronomic information such as lodging and early vigour data is also included.

“The objective is to choose the varieties best suited to the farm situation which will maximise the nutrients available to feed stock next winter,” comments Limagrain Maize Manager Tim Richmond. 

Tim Richmond_maize 40 NEWS

“When making the decision, farmers have to consider a wide range of factors including maturity date, agronomic factors, yield and quality which can make it a challenging decision with over 50 recommended varieties available. Getting the choice right can have a major impact on the quality and quantity of forage produced which will have a significant effect on performance and margins.”

He says the difference between growing one of the best new varieties and one of the less productive older ones could be costing up to £200 per acre in missed energy production from forage for little, if any difference in growing costs.

“Making the correct variety choice now will establish the foundations for a more productive forage next winter. The guide will help farmers through the process and take advantage of newer, more productive varieties.”

The guide is available free of charge from Limagrain. Call 01472 370117 or download using the link below.

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