12th September 2022

New high energy grass seed mixture for intensive grazing

Amongst the new ley mixtures is Intensive Grazing which consists of 100% tetraploid perennial ryegrasses plus a white clover blend: it promises to deliver good palatability, a high yield of energy, and a good balance of protein and digestible fibre, all of which add up to maximise animal performance at grass.

Limagrain’s Ian Misselbrook explains: “The ryegrass varieties of this new LGAN mixture have been selected not only for their high sugar content, but also for their good digestibility and overall high energy levels.

“The formulations of the LGAN mixtures also take into account factors which impact on quality. Amongst these is palatability – this is fundamental to enhancing voluntary feed intakes at grass. Trials have demonstrated tetraploid ryegrasses are preferentially grazed over diploid ryegrasses and hence the 100% tetraploid selection used in Intensive Grazing. The inclusion of white clover further encourages intakes as well as supplying protein and trace elements.

“The agronomic characteristics of individual grass varieties which make up a ley – e.g. disease resistance, persistency – also have an impact on animal performance. When compared to the mean average of all the varieties on the Recommended Grass and Clover List, Intensive Grazing has a higher resistance to crown rust and Deschslera, and better winter hardiness.”

“Intensive Grazing seed has also been treated with Headstart Gold – a new biostimulant which aids establishment.”

The superior nutritional quality and all round good agronomic performance qualifies Intensive Grazing for LGAN (LG Animal Nutrition) status.

Mr Misselbrook explains: “The LGAN accreditation is already used to differentiate Limagrain’s highest energy maize varieties. Now farmers can benefit from the LGAN concept for grass: it helps guide them to selecting ley mixtures which have the best potential to boost animal performance.”

The other four mixtures in the new LGAN range are: Quality Silage – a short-term ley designed to produce maximum yields of high energy silage; Protein Silage – which contains red and white clovers and is formulated to produce high protein silage; Silage and Grazing – a dual purpose mixture; and Extended Grazing – which has a longer growing season thanks to the inclusion of Matrix Enhanced Ryegrass.

For further information, farmers can visit www.limagrain.co.uk or call Limagrain on 01472 371471.

At the Grassland and Muck Event, Limagrain can be found on stand no: 446 in the static trade area.

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