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18th January 2022

New guide provides comprehensive blueprint to conservation and gamecover crops

Limagrain UK has introduced new formulations of crop mixtures that meet the latest Countryside Stewardship (CSS) options. These are included in its 2021 HiBird Conservation & Game Cover Crops guide, published recently.

This 36-page guide includes crops for attracting farmland birds and pollinators, as well as grass field margins and in wildflower areas.  It has a comprehensive section for gamecover crops including maize, sorghums, kale, and autumn sown catch crop options.

Importantly, the guide has a clear two-page summary to the crops that fulfil each Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS) options, and a table that gives an instant snapshot of each HiBird product, its use, sowing time and seed rate and pack size. And to suit demand, Limagrain is now offering HiBird seed in 0.5 ha pack sizes. Another new addition to is the inclusion of a seed treatment on its game cover maize to prevent bird damage.

“The Government intends removing it’s three greening requirements in 2021 in England so the focus will be on the Countryside Stewardship Scheme to replace some of these areas. The new ELM scheme is currently under evaluation, but options look likely to include whole field options, as well as the traditional margin areas,” says Limagrain UK Forage Marketing Director Martin Titley.

“We think this is the junction when farmers and growers will need to review their conservation areas and see what works well for them, so they can make changes that best meet CSS and that will also help them in the transition to the new ELM scheme.”

Limagrain’s HiBird Conservation & Gamecover crops brochure 2021 is available from Laura Davey on 01472 370151, laura.davey@limagrain.co.uk or downloaded below


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