12th September 2022


The hot dry summer in 2018 has encouraged farmers to look at a wider range of forage crops. The options are included in Limagrain’s 2019 Essential Guide to Forage Crops (see link below).

“We’ve seen more interest in summer forages recently, that can be sown from May to August,” says Martin Titley, Limagrain forage crops director.” Many dairy producers are interested in Lucerne and the guide highlights a new variety Mezzo that has a dormancy rating of 3.6, which means the crop can now be considered for more northerly areas of the UK.”

The new Essential Forage Guide ranks growing costs, sowing times and feed value for nine key forages. “Farmers can use this information and also refer to the varieties within each species, so they select those best suited to their specific growing conditions and uses,” adds Mr. Titley. “There are now more options available for farmers to consider.”



He draws attention to stubble turnips, hybrid brassicas and forage rape that can be used within 12 weeks of sowing. “Some varieties are suited to summer grazing by cattle – such as the hybrid brassica Skyfall, while the rape/kale hybrid Interval is an ideal forage for autumn and winter. And those looking for winter forages for sheep and lambs can take advantage of crops such as Samson stubble turnip or Rampart forage rape.”






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