12th September 2022

New essential guide to Forage Crops

Published in January 2015, it includes the latest variety trial data and tried-and-tested advice on crop rotations and on choosing the right crop for the system.

 “This is a valuable guide for those considering growing forage crops,” says Limagrain’s marketing director Martin Titley. “As an industry, we don’t have national recommended lists for fodder crop varieties but this guide provides trial data comparisons on the main varieties grown in the UK. Producers can see how these varieties compare for a range of agronomic and feed value criteria such as height of the crop, dry matter yields and digestibility.

“We also provide a comprehensive guide to growing and feeding a range of crops such as fodder beet, kale and stubble turnips,” he adds. “Suitability of the crop to soil type, harvesting methods and the cost of growing each crop are included as well as advice on sowing and weed control.

“This wealth of information, published in one guide, enables producers to choose the best forage crop options to boost home grown high quality feed supplies.”

Copies of the new Essential Guide to Forage Crops are available from Limagrain by contacting Emily Short on 01472 370117 or Emily.short@limagrain.co.uk or by downloading a copy fromwww.limagrain.co.uk/products/forage-crops

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