12th September 2022

Modern swede varieties deliver 18% more dm

The availability of modern swede varieties has resulted in growers getting an extra 18% dry matter yield. In Limagrain’s UK trials, based at the James Hutton Institute in Scotland, modern swede varieties Gowrie and Lomond outyielded older variety Ruta Otofte by 1.7 t/ha and 1.1 t/ha of DM respectively.

“This highlights the fact that swede growers can get at least an extra tonne of DM simply by switching to newer varieties,” points out Limagrain’s Martin Titley.

In addition, Martin stresses that many new varieties have also been bred with resistance to important diseases such as club root and powdery mildew. In the same trials both Lomond and Gowrie, exhibit resistance to powdery mildew with the maximum score of 9 – whereas Ruta Otofte only scored 4.

Martin explains: “Modern swede varieties offer newer genetics, increased yields and better resistance to key diseases. This can allow fields to support more livestock and thereby help to reduce feed costs. It is worth mentioning that Lomond was bred in Scotland – which makes it ideally suited to our climate – as opposed to some varieties which have been bred in other parts of the world.”

The swede is an excellent, high energy winter feed with an ME of 12.8-13.1 MJ/kg/DM and a crude protein of 10-11%. With low growing costs, DM yields range from 9.8 to 11.5 tonnes/ha.

There is more information about swedes in our “Essential Guide to Forage Crops” which is available free of charge. If you would like a copy then please e-mail us on info@limagrain.co.uk

March 2013

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