12th September 2022

Matros is reconsidered for the 2012 recommended list

Matros, the winter feed barley from Limagrain, is to be reconsidered as a candidate for the 2012 Recommended List.

“Whilst Matros did not receive recommendation last year, on the basis of additional data from trials that were sown this year, we have agreed to reconsider the variety for recommendation,” says chairman of the Recommended List Board, Professor Graham Jellis.

Lee Robinson of breeders Limagrain believes that the variety has a place on the Recommended List (RL), and will be a valuable addition to the recommended feed barley choices for next season: “Matros is a proven high yielder with a UK treated yield figure of 108, nearly matching Retriever and out performing KWS Cassia in virtually every region across official trials. It also offers a range of characteristics that will make it a valuable alternative to hybrid barley in the north,” he says.

“Matros provides excellent all -round disease resistance as you would expect from a Limagrain variety, crucially offering a 7 for mildew, brown rust and Rhynchosporium, as well as a 5 for yellow rust. The (4) for net blotch is based on limited data and this will be further evaluated this season. “

“In terms of quality, a comparison with Retriever is difficult as we do not have any sieving data on the RL, however based on figures from 2010-2011, Matros is much better for screenings than Retriever.”

“Where  Matros stands out, is its potential extra straw yield, standing tall at 91cm. It is also stiff strawed and with a rating of 8 for lodging – a figure that not many other varieties on the list hold – it provides the ideal barley feed characteristics. “

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