12th September 2022

Matrix delivers a strong performance this winter

Matrix Enhanced® Ryegrass, which was developed in New Zealand, has given a strong performance during the winter months and looks set to help even more farmers to exploit the value of an extended grazing system. Ian Misselbrook, Limagrain's Grass Seed Manager for the UK and Ireland, takes up the story.

“Observations of our own trials in Lincolnshire and those at NIAB Harper Adams in Shropshire confirm that Matrix commenced growth as early as January.”

Mr Misselbrook says that photographs taken on 31st January in Lincolnshire demonstrate very clearly how Matrix outperforms conventional ryegrass varieties. While the conventional mixture (comprising mainly intermediate and late heading varieties) is still completely dormant the Matrix in the neighbouring plot is exhibiting excellent growth.

“A visit to the NIAB site at Harper Adams in early February provided similar results – which was especially relevant as this location often records the coldest temperatures in England.”

Mr Misselbrook points out that Matrix (which is an inter-generic hybrid consisting of around 80% diploid pasture perennial ryegrass and 20% meadow fescue) is particularly suitable for those farmers keen to exploit the value of extended grazing systems.

“The results we have seen in our current trials and the performance of the grass in commercial situations demonstrate how valuable Matrix can be in an extended grazing regime for cows or sheep. This grass delivers a cheap and nutritious food source at a time of the year when the expense on bought in feeds is at its highest.”

More information about Matrix (and the various Matrix-based mixtures we recommend) can be found on this website – just click on Forage Grasses in the menu on the left hand side of this page.

February 2012

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