12th September 2022

Low maintenance colourful flower mixtures can also attract the bees

Groundsmen looking for low maintenance bedding options for parks, roundabouts and golf courses should try some of Limagrain UK’s Colour Splash range of decorative flower mixtures. These provide long-lasting low-cost colourful displays. Two flower mixtures which are proving especially popular are the Honey Bee Mixture and Biodiversity Mix – these include plants which attract pollinating insects and create a habitat for small wildlife.

The Colour Splash range consists of eight different flower mixtures which vary in height and colour. Some mixtures contain annual flowers, whilst others contain plant species which will last for several seasons. The seed mixtures are very easy to establish in the spring, and do not require any further maintenance, nor any fertiliser or pesticides through the season.

The new Honey Bee Mixture is ideal for landscaping use, and flowers from mid-June to mid-October. It contains nine annual plant varieties, selected for their ability to attract insects. It includes borage and cornflower, both recognised for being ‘bee-friendly’.

The Biodiversity Mix contains 15 different plant varieties, including lupin which ‘fixes’ atmospheric nitrogen back into the soil. The mixture contains annuals, bi-annuals and perennials, and so can last for several years. It creates a dense stand which provides shelter for small mammals, and the flowers attract butterflies and pollinating insects.

A new Colour Splash catalogue with information on the eight flower mixtures in the range is available from Limagrain UK by calling 01472 371471 or can be downloaded from www.limagrain.co.uk/amenity.

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