12th September 2022

Livestock preview – advice on securing forage supplies

Copies of the Essential Guide to Forage Crops will also be available on the stand, providing a comprehensive guide to variety selection, crop establishment, and utilisation.

Where silage cuts have been disappointing, and dairy farmers want to boost winter forage stocks, then sowing catch crops later this summer will provide cheaper alternatives to bought-in feeds.

Stubble turnips can be sown straight after cereals harvest for a low cost forage crop which can be ready to utilise in 12-14 weeks. Similarly, forage rape variety Interval is fast growing and can provide a pre-Xmas fodder supply.

Alternatively, for an early spring bite, Humbolt forage rye can be sown in September and be ready to graze in March.

Advice on the full range of forage options for dairy farmers, and the recommended varieties to sow, will be available on the Sinclair McGill stand, along with free copies of Essential Guide to Forage Crops.

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