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13th October 2020

Limagrain donates valuable bird feed to the Turtle Dove Trust

Turtle Doves

The Turtle Dove Trust is a registered charity, based in north Suffolk, that breeds turtle doves in captivity, with the aim of releasing birds back into the wild.

Turtle doves are an endangered species; the UK population has declined by almost 90% during the last 30-40 years, and captive breeding will help to ensure that this beautiful species of dove does not face extinction, explains Trevor Lay of the East Anglia branch of the Turtle Dove Trust.

“A key part of the project is to feed the released doves until they migrate in the autumn. Ideally this will reduce the need for them to migrate to parts of Europe and North Africa, where they are still actively hunted.”

This is where Limagrain was able to help the Trust. Earlier this year, the company donated several tonnes of oilseed rape screenings, which has provided supplementary feeding for the released birds in gateways, tracks and headlands, as they adjust to foraging for their natural diet.

As a charity, the Trust has very limited funds Trevor explains, so we are always delighted when companies and individuals step up to the mark to help the project. Anyone wanting to find out more about the Trust, please contact him via email on: waveneywildlife@gmail.com

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