12th September 2022

LG Typhoon – Flying onto the Recommended List

LG Typhoon is a high yielding group 4 hard wheat, that joins the 2022-2023 AHDB Recommended List, from breeders Limagrain UK.

LG Typhoon offers UK growers the package that they have been asking for in a hard wheat; a clean, consistent and resilient variety, with a solid all-round disease package and OWBM resistance.

It has shown excellent consistency of performance, yielding 102% across very differing climatic seasons and across the varying regions of the UK.

Yield consistency

    Regions Years
  UK East West North 2019 2020 2021
LG Typhoon 102 102 102 [102] 102 [102] 102

[ ] = limited data.  

“LG Typhoon offers growers flexibility in the rotation, across both sowing date and soil type,” says Ron Granger, Limagrain UK’s arable technical manager. “The variety exhibits a genuine suitability for the earlier sowing situation, endorsed by its combination of desirable agronomic characteristics – and this is reflected in its very high yield performance at this drilling window.” “LG Typhoon also excels as a second wheat.”

  Rotation Sowing Date Soil Type
  First cereal Second cereal Early Sep (before 25Sept) Trials sown (25Sept-31Oct) Late (after 1Nov) Light Soils Heavy Soils
LG Typhoon 101 104 [105] 102 [101] [102] 101
Graham 102 101 100 102 100 102 101

[ ] = limited data.  

The reason for LG Typhoon’s consistent performance comes down to its excellent all-round foliar disease resistance, explains Mr Granger. “This is shown by an untreated yield that is above many of the RL feed varieties, supported by a resistance rating of 7 for Septoria – which significantly comes from a combination of sources different to those in current RL varieties,” he says. “LG Typhoon offers excellent yellow rust resistance, with a RL rating of 9 combined with YR seedling resistance – a valuable tool regarding fungicide programmes and timings.” “The variety offers more than excellent yellow rust ratings; it is an attractive proposition with good ratings for all the diseases, including (6) for eyespot and Fusarium, and the very valuable bonus of Orange Wheat Blossom Midge (OWBM) resistance.” Mr Granger adds: “In terms of grain quality, LG Typhoon offers a good specific weight (76.3 kg/hl), certainly equal or indeed better than many of the feed wheats on the new RL.”

Limagrain UK’s wheat breeder, Phil Tailby, summarises the main traits of LG Typhoon

  • -The key word to describe LG Typhoon is ‘consistent’; it has performed consistently well in treated trials across all years of testing and across all regions.
  • -The variety has extremely high untreated yield, which highlights the excellent foliar disease resistances, which include both adult and seedling resistance to yellow rust and a new Septoria resistance package not found in any other variety on the RL. 
  • -It also offers flexibility to UK farmers, performing very well as a second wheat, and is a genuine early drilling variety.
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