12th September 2022

Keeping your high yielding wheat crops standing

As a consequence of limited lodging data in the last few seasons, many of the newer varieties recently added to the AHDB Recommended List had not been really tested for lodging pressure, which meant that when the season became challenging and timings were missed, as in 2017, many crops went down.

However, this does not have to be the case as a good PGR programme will enhance stronger rooting, stiffen stem cell walls and shorten the distance between internodes, which results in increased straw stiffness and keeps crops standing.

Trials that Limagrain have carried out on new varieties; LG Sundance and LG Motown show that both varieties respond well to split PGR applications, resulting in good height reduction and reduced lodging risk, securing final yield potential.

We compared lodging performance of LG Sundance and LG Motown at two different seed rates, 300/m2 and 400/m2, and the effects of no PGR, versus a single PGR and a split PGR application.

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