12th September 2022

Hunt is on for top energy grass at grassland and muck event

Farmers are invited to bring a bag of freshly picked grass to the Limagrain stand on plot 121 where its NIRS mobile testing machine will analyse the sample and provide a nutritional analysis of the crop.

The top prize, valued at £1500, will go to the sample with the highest ME across the two-day event.

“We are drawing attention to the importance of considering all aspects of grassland productionsoil, cultivation and seed mixture,” says Limagrain seed specialist John Spence. “We also want to emphasise the importance of considering the nutritional qualities of the seed mixture, as well as its agronomic values.”

Limagrain will be demonstrating its LG Animal Nutrition (LGAN) grass seed mixtures that have been specifically developed for their combined yield and feed values and have been shown to have more digestible fibre.

“The aim is to grow high energy grass,” adds Mr Spence. “A significant proportion of this energy comes from the fibre. The higher proportion of digestible neutral detergent fibre (DNDF) in the grass varieties used in the LGAN mixtures and the inclusion of more palatable tetraploid varieties, that cows prefer over diploid grass varieties, helps to boost the grass’ feed value and boost intakes.

Cut it, bring it, and Limagrain will test it. Watch the video for more details by going to: www.lgseeds.co.uk/comps

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