12th September 2022

Growing seed for nickerson

Although Nickerson has long been a major producer and supplier of UK grown seed, the ongoing success of the Nickerson-Advanta plant breeding programmes and our extensive agency arrangements with foreign breeders, means that we are needing to increase our seed production across a wide range of crop species.

Growing seed for Nickerson offers attractive premiums and access to high quality stock seed of the majority of today’s most popular varieties, along with the opportunity to participate at an early stage in promising and exciting new varieties being introduced into the market – many of which will be tomorrow’s winners…

Provided there is a reasonable cropping rotation, with wild oats at roguable levels, and drying and storage facilities that enable different seed parcels to be kept separate in store, seed production should not involve much extra work, whilst at the same time promoting a good discipline for farmers and their staff keen to supply a quality product.

As a key part of the largest seed business in Europe, Nickerson markets some of the longest established and best known brands in this vitally important sector of agriculture, and our growers play an essential role in providing the raw material on which our success if based.

We are therefore keen to receive ongoing feedback from existing growers and hear from other farmers who are not currently growing seed for us but would be interested in considering the possibilities.

Please visit our Seed Production page or click here to indicate your interest and a member of our highly experienced field production team will be pleased to arrange to visit you, without commitment, to explain more about what we have to offer.

Colin Batey, Field Production Manager 

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