12th September 2022

Growing for the market – new technical variety & marketing guides from limagrain

Limagrain has produced new, up-to-date technical guides entitled Growing for the market for their top wheat and barley varieties. Available to download or order from the website www.limagrain.co.uk (or by clicking the PDF links above), these guides are intended to provide growers with the information that they need to make the correct variety choices for the coming season, based on sound agronomical and marketing information.

Derived from the popular Limagrain individual variety booklets, these new wheat and barley guides are intended to give an in-depth and detailed insight on all aspects of the agronomic and marketing characteristics of the leading Limagrain varieties in each group. There is also a comparison table of these varieties which includes the HGCA regional yield data, as well as the varietal suitability for a particular rotational slot. Additional information from Limagrain UK’s own breeder and farmer trials is also included giving readers detail over and above that provided in the Recommended List.

 â€œIt is critical for growers to have access to all of the available information possible to see which varieties perform best in certain situations and viable marketing options for that variety, and as breeders we are best placed to offer this information using data collected from a range of our own farmer and independent trials, as well as using the HGCA RL trial data. These newly designed guides intend to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible, “says Lee Robinson, marketing director for Limagrain.

“However, it is important to understand that the Growing for Market guides will not replace the highly valued and informative husbandry guides that we produce for our market leading varieties – but that they offer an additional source of information for growers.”

In addition, for those looking for up-to-the- minute market information and comment on all things ‘wheat’, Invicta winter wheat has its own facebook page. This page is intended to help growers track and record their harvest results this summer and to communicate with other growers. If you have a facebook account, search for Invicta winter wheat or go straight to http://www.facebook.com/invictawinterwheat

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