12th September 2022

Grower's husbandry guides for crusoe and horatio

Limagrain UK is pleased to announce that detailed grower’s husbandry guidelines for it’s Group 1 milling wheat variety, Crusoe and Group 4 soft wheat, Horatio, are now available.Written by Limagrain’s wheat breeders and featuring information from HGCA, third party and Limagrain UK’s own trials work, these husbandry guides provide in-depth information for growers and agronomists on how best to manage their crop and how to realise the genetic potential of these new and exciting varieties. â€œThe guides cover each variety in depth, providing an overview of its characteristics and position in the market, together with individual chapters focusing on pedigree and selection mechanism, yield potential, resistance to diseases and pests and agronomic characters. Sowing date, seed rates, seed treatments, PGR use and herbicide tolerance, crop nutrition,” explains Ron Granger, senior wheat breeder at Limagrain.To order a copy go online at www.limagrain.co.uk and look under each variety. Or you can contact Laura Davey directly on 01472 370151 or email laura.davey@limagrain.co.uk

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