12th September 2022

Grass and Forage Crops Handbook Gives Growers Latest Top Tips

“These are easy to follow and well-illustrated, making it a much-needed very ‘hands-on’ publication,” says Limagrain’s grass seed manager Ian Misselbrook.

“We’ve also made sure that the handbook encourages growers to identify their requirements from the crop then directs them to the mixtures or varieties that best suits their needs.”

Advanced technology has been used in evaluating the portfolio.

“We take full advantage of near infrared spectroscopy, that measures the dry matter and virtually the whole spectrum of forage quality and nutritional attributes of the plant, so that we can provide more specific details on each product’s feed value,” adds Mr Misselbrook.

In addition, the Sinclair McGill Grass and Forage Crops Handbook 2015/16 includes LGAN grass seed mixtures. LG Animal Nutrition – denoted as LGAN – is an accreditation given to mixtures that demonstrate exceptional agronomic and nutritional performance and it is already used successfully in Limagrain maize varieties and in grass mixtures across Europe.

“We have validated the LGAN concept and tested our grass seed mixtures at the Schothorst Institute in the Netherlands. Through LGAN we are confident that we are offering UK growers a range of grass seed mixtures with improved potential both in the field and at the feed face.”

Copies of the new Sinclair McGill handbook are available at AgriScot, on the Sinclair McGill stand number 45 in the Highland Hall on November 19, 2014 or directly from the marketing department on 01472 370117. Copies can also be found on the Sinclair McGill web site www.lgseeds.co.uk/sinclairmcgill

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