12th September 2022

Getting the best out of high yielding Evolution wheat

Evolution offers growers a very high yielding feed wheat without the disease threat that is often associated with this sector, and significantly, it is also a variety suitable for sowing in all regions of the UK, over differing sowing dates, soil types and the challenging second/continuous wheat situation.

Do you know what the best seed rate is for Evolution in an early sowing slot and did you know that the variety can be drilled through to late February? What are the yield benefits of a high input fungicide programme over less comprehensive regime and as a grower how can you consider what the best spend is to generate the highest yield results? Should the variety be grown as a second wheat?

“It is critical for growers to have access to all of the available information from appropriate seed treatments to correct seed rates through to responses to PGRs and fungicide inputs in order to recognise the best position for the variety on farm,”  says Ron Granger, arable technical manager for Limagrain.

“As breeders we are best placed to offer this information using data collected from a range of our own farmer and independent trials, distributor partners as well as using the HGCA RL trial data, ”

All of the characteristics and performance required for these sowing slots are outlined in this guide which is available to download here; Evolution Husbandry Guidelines

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