12th September 2022

February Harvest for Forage Trial

Of course our weather can affect the plans we have in relation to sowing and harvesting these trials and, consequently, it has not been an easy task this year. Richard Camplin, our Technical & Product Development Manager, takes up the story.

“The trial was sown on 9th August last year – this was a little later than usual due to the wet conditions which prevailed at the time. However, the trial emerged well and went on to give a good establishment.”

He explained that the trial included 15 new rape lines (including three new NL1 entries) along with several commercial varieties from other breeders. Growth throughout the season was very good with surprisingly little disease.

“The harvest was planned for November last year – but once again the weather proved to be a stumbling block,” says Richard.

In fact the harvesting operation was delayed due to the wet conditions in that month and also in December. Then, in January, the snow arrived which again put a stop to any fieldwork. The trial was finally harvested on 7th February.

“Once harvested, we found that the yields had been pretty good – but with a higher than usual DM% due to the later harvest. Interval performed well as did several of the new lines,” explained Richard.

The trial programme at the Lincolnshire site (near Boothby Graffoe) also included stubble turnips which were harvested the following week by hand.

We produce a Pocket Guide to our forage trial results which provides very detailed information on a number of crops including forage rape, stubble turnips, kale and fodder beet. If you would like a copy then please contact us by e-mail (info@limagrain.co.uk ) or telephone  us on 01472 371471.

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