12th September 2022

Early Germinating Fodder Beet Gives Crop a Head Start

Limited quantities of Robbos, Brick and Tarine fodder beet seed have been primed using the Germ’activ system that encourages faster germination thereby reducing the opportunity for pest and disease damage in the early establishment stages when the seedlings are at their most vulnerable.  In laboratory conditions, germination can be reduced by three to four days.

Robbos Fodder Beet


“Germ’active primed seed has been used very successfully in sugar beet seed for a number of years,” says Limagrain’s forage crop director Martin Titley. “This year, we have applied the technology to fodder beet seed.”

Germ’activ seed has been shown to promote establishment and has helped to create a uniform crop. “This will benefit both grazed and harvested crops of fodder beet for livestock producers looking for a high feed value winter feed.”

Cow Feeding on Fodder Beet

The latest UK fodder beet trial data published in January 2019 by Limagrain UK can be found at https://www.lgseeds.co.uk/crops/forage-crops/fodder-beet/

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