12th September 2022

Comprehensive guide of game cover and stewardship crops now available

The new 2014 HiBird Gamecover and Environmental Crops guide is now available from Limagrain. It contains information on a range of gamecover and environmental stewardship crops, including sorghum, kale, sunflowers and maize, as well as a wide variety of cover crop mixtures. It also provides guidance on achieving good crop establishment.

The HiBird range includes a range of cover crop mixtures such as Setter, which provides two year full-season cover and feed, and is made up of kale, millets and buckwheat.

Mr Titley explains: “When several plant types are used in a cover crop mixture, it can be difficult to control weeds. However, following herbicide trials with BASF, Limagrain has developed a range of HiBird mixtures which are tolerant to specific herbicides so that gamekeepers can successfully establish weed-free good cover. For example, Cocker, which consists of Caledonian kale, mustard, fodder radish and linseed, is tolerant to Butisan herbicide, and provides full season cover for up to two years. Further mixtures are included in the guide.”

The guide also provide tips on growing a successful cover crop – from soil type and site selection, to seedbed and sowing methods, fertiliser recommendations and suggestions for weed, pest and disease control. Information is also included on which cover crops meet environmental stewardship requirements.

For a free copy of the HiBird Gamecover & Environmental Crops Guide, email Limagrain UK at: enquiries@limagrain.co.uk or visit www.limagrain.co.uk and watch the video ‘Choosing the Right Cover Crop for your Shoot’.

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