12th September 2022

Commitment to pulse breeding evident in 2018 PGRO Recommended List

We have always been enthusiastic supporters of UK pulses and UK pulse growers, and continue to do all we can to promote and support growers in offering varieties that perform on farm and meet market requirements, says George Hunter, pulses product manager with Limagrain UK.

“The success of this approach can be seen in the varieties that we have on offer in this year’s PGRO Recommended List (RL).”

“Despite some of the challenges currently facing the sector, we believe that there are opportunities for pulses in the value added sector, and its about maximising these by choosing varieties that meet the quality and market requirement, and are consistently high yielding and robust to grow on farm, “ he says.

Large Blue Peas

Large Blue Pea LG Stallion progresses from P1 to P2, and even in a difficult season has maintained its 2% yield advantage over Prophet at 102%. Its high yield potential and good standing meant that LG Stallion was the variety of choice for the world pea yield record set by Tim Lamyman last year with a record yield of 6.47t/ha.

Large Blue Kingfisher has gained full recommendation this year and is without doubt the variety of choice if looking for a large blue that has excellent quality characteristics that will meet the requirements for both the human consumption and micronizing markets, based on its proven excellent colour retention.

Kingfisher is a really exciting variety that offers the whole package; high yields and quality backed up by robust agronomic traits. Kingfisher is early to ripen, has good standing power (6), and good downy mildew tolerance (6).”

Spring Beans

LG Cartouche is a pale hilum spring bean that offers the highest protein content available on the spring bean PGRO Recommended List (29.3%) and gains P2 recommendation this year.

LG Cartouche meets the requirements for the premium export market for human consumption, we are also seeing an increased interest in the variety from the animal feed sector due to its high protein content” says Mr Hunter.

LG Cartouche has shown consistency of yield performance over differing seasons at 101% and remains at a similar yield to the market leaders.  LG Cartouche has a strong combination of agronomic attributes; with shorter, stiffer straw and earlier ripening than both Vertigo and Fanfare.

“In fact this unique combination of characteristics makes it comparable to the earliest, shortest and best standing varieties on the RL!” he says.

Winter Beans

“We are delighted that Tundra has maintained its impressive position as the highest yielding winter bean since its launch in 2013. Yielding 105%, 2% over Bumble, this consistency of performance should give growers the confidence that they need when looking to grow a high yielding, robust winter bean.”

Tundra is a moderately short strawed variety, with good standing ability and an earlier maturity. Tundra has a pale hilum colour, as well as very good protein content, and is suitable to the premium export markets for human consumption.


The PGRO Recommended List 2018 will be available at pgro.org

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