Sugar Beet
12th September 2022

BTS 4100 offers the highest sugar content of any sugar beet variety on the 2020 BBRO Recommended List

Bred by Betaseed and marketed by Limagrain UK, BTS 4100 offers the highest sugar content of any sugar beet variety on the list at 18.4% and has produced these high sugar levels consistently over the last three years in Recommended List trials.

Ron Granger, sugar beet product manager at Limagrain UK, stated that in 2016, BTS 4100 yielded 18%, whilst the average sugar percentage across the RL trials was 17.7%. In 2017 when the national average was 18.4%, BTS 4100 yielded 0.6% more at 19%. In 2018, the national average was 17.8% and BTS 4100 again yielded 0.6% more, at 18.4%,”

Growers will recognise that on certain soil types or in difficult field conditions, high sugar content can be hard to achieve; in these situations, a variety such as BTS 4100 with a genetically high sugar content offers the best insurance for maximising full yield potential, as expressed in adjusted tonnes.

Along with these extremely high sugar levels, BTS 4100 offers high adjusted tonne yields of 101.8% -reflecting a step-up over some of the older varieties on the list.

However, whilst yield and sugar content are the top criteria for choosing a new sugar beet variety, factors such as establishment and bolting tolerance are also very important – particularly when deciding which variety is best for your situation.

For those looking to drill in the first half of March, in an attempt to get crops up and away to combat virus yellows infection, BTS 4100 fits this drilling slot very well. It has excellent bolting tolerance and is one of only a few varieties on the RL, that offers zero bolters when drilled in the normal sowing slot.

BTS 4100 features good emergence characteristics together with good tolerance to rust and Rhizomania.

In summary, BTS 4100 is a high yielding variety with the potential of achieving a top sugar percentage, and fits the early drilling slot.

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Sugar Beet